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Dear Reader,

I have been traveling quite a lot around Europe this month. We have had so many trade shows to attend and to visit.

It looks sometimes old fashion to go to those Construction or Stone shows but be honest after few of them, I think it stills "IN".

It is Price less to be able to meet everybody in the industry, to contact with old friends and to discover the new technics and products, all in one place.

There is so much happening in our sector. The Contruction is always inovating and so the Roofing and the Stone industries.

We have been started in Verona (Italia) with the largest STONE SHOW in the world - 1500 exhibitors and 60.000 visitors from 150 countries - BIG ! and very interested. The slates were represented with companies from Italy, Brazil and tor UK showing slates applications for Roofing, Cladding and Flooring.

Mid October we were in Rennes (France - Britanny) to attend the ARTIBAT SHOW - 1000 exhibitors and 40.000 visitors. Mainly Roofing slate producers from Spain. Britanny in France is the largest importer of roofing slates in the world !

End of October we went back home and share a stand with our friends from DEL CASTILLO Slate at the Madrid Construction show, CONSTRUTEC - 200 exhibitors and 6.000 vistors. More dedicated to the national market in Spain. All different products were shown from Wood to Granite up to Windows and structure. Slate was well represented as you can see !!

Finally, today opens the HISTORICAL BUILDING SHOW in Paris, France with more than 300 exibitors showing the best products for renovations of historical buildings such as LE LOUVRE, French castles, old churches etc... This show is more dedicated to arhitects who needs to preserve the history of the buildings. Many Spanish Slate producers will attend this event.

So as you can see, we have no time to waste. Let´s keep on moving. End of this month I will go back to the US to visit my dear friend Bob and share some time in lovely Vermont before it gets too cold for me !!!

be good amigos and be natural !

Source : be natural - October 2016