be naturalĀ® at the NSA conference


Dear Readers,

This month, the world of slate have brought me to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

A part from Benjamin Franklin, some snow and the famous Philly Cheese Steack, this area have been well known in the early 1900´s thanks to its Natural Slate production.

In March, the National Slate Association have decided to celebrate their 2016´s conference in Philadelphia where we have had the opportunity to visit the Chapman and the Pen Big Bed Quarries.

As usual, the week end was a success and very well organised by Julie Palmer, Tim Underhill, John Chan and all the NSA Team.

More than 50 people assisted the week end and it has been the time to meet old and new Friends and share some good “cold” beers.

The best moment of the week end has been when Tom Stortz, his brother and father invited us to their Factory which is today the oldest slate tool Factory in the USA !

Since 1853, Stortz is the 5th generation of Roofing Tool producer. Through the years, the excelent quality of their  products have been well recognised in our industry. The office and production facility still in the middle of Philadelphia old town and is a piece of history on its own. Thank you for attending us gentlemen !

Once again, the weekend was a success and I can not wait next year conference to meet everybody again and meet new people from the industry. Together we are stronger and our industry will be better known if we walk in the same direction.

Next month more trips and visits in Europe !

be good, be slate, be natural !

Source : be natural - Abril 2016