Fake slate


Dear Readers,

This month I have been visiting different distribuitors in Europe and the US and it amazed me to see so much FAKE SLATES around !

Roofing Natural Slate are step by step desapearing from the Roofing distribuitor displays where ever you go... quarries and dealers (I include myself of course !) have part of the responsability... We have to promote our product more and more !

I understand that the "look a like" natural slates products are spending more money on marketing and displays because they have to prove to the public that their "hand made product" can compete with Natural Slates on colors and texture.

But, at the end of the day, whatever they try to acheive on warranty, it will always be FAKE SLATES...

People have to understand that alternative products will cost much more after few years replacing their entire roofs.

I was surprised to see that the price of most of those FAKE SLATES was the same than the real stuff ! Probably FAKE SLATE cost less to fix but now we have the option of using NATURAL ROOFING SLATE with a roofing system like the QWIK SLATE and it brings your roof at a similar cost so think about it !

Last but not least, the SRCA have put together a web page this month where people talk about the FAKE SLATE experience. Have a look at it, it is very interesting to see how it looks like after few years on a roof...

So my dear readers, more than ever I will scream this month B.E  N.A.T.U.R.A.L !!!!!