be naturalĀ® at the National Slate Conference


Dear readers !

This time, arriving at Baltimore airport the customs asked me why I’ve been coming so often to the USA in the last 6 months… And I naturally replied : « to sell spanish stone, I mean spanish slates !!! ». The officer then told me he had a granite kitchen top and I told him good ! be natural® !! 

So this month, be natural® was in the United States to present the « World of slate » at the NSA annual conference.  Once again, thanks to Tim and the band for the opportunity. 

From the 17th to the 19th of April in Baltimore (Maryland) took place the Convention of the National Slate association (NSA) and be natural® was giving an overview of the slate industry around the world. 

Here are some example of my presentation : France imports 40% of the world roofing slate production, Spain produce 60% of the natural slate in the world, the roofing slate market in the USA purchase 40% of American slates, 25% of Chinese slates, 20% of Spanish slates, 10% of Canadian slates and 5% of Brazilian slates…

The NSA is dedicated to promote excellence in slate roofing practices in the USA.

During this  convention, a walking tour of homeland neighborhood led by architects was organised.  

We also went to see the Peach Bottom wich was proclaimed the « best slate in the world » in 1851.  It was competing against slate from North Wales, France, Virginia and of course the Slate Valley, Vermont. Today the quarry is closed.

This convention was very interesting in terms of slate knowledges but also in terms of human relations. This last point is very important because together we are stronger so  we can compete against « fake slates » and sell more natural slate roofs, which means more and more green roofs. Better for our future !


be Green, be Slate and be natural®