Spain : the 1st International Slate Conference


Hola Amigos Readers,

This month be natural® hasn´t been flying to the US or Australia... we stayed in Galicia-Spain. 

So you may think that I have had a "quiet" month ...

Not at all ! Being in Galicia - Spain, the heart of the slate world production, we decided to organise the First International Slate Conference.

So all the Slate people from the NSA and SRCA came to Spain to visit the Slate Quarries, the Slate Industry with the latests machines and off course, testing the good wine and food.

The First International Roofing Conference took place from the 22nd up to the 27th of March between Galicia, La Baña and Madrid.

I would like to thanks all the people who have participated at the event. It has been a real success. Even the Spanish Radio came to interview us.

Members of the First International Slate Conference left to right : B. Williams (Newmont Slate), J. Chan (Durable Slate), K. Rule (Black Diamond Slate), K. Stevens (Stevens Roofing), J. Calvo (be natural), M. Perez (Pizarras GalCar), G. Howes (Durable Slate), Debbie  Cornwall (CC& L Roofing), G. Howes (Durable Slate), N. Price (Stevens Roofing), T. Underhill (DownEast Slate), D. Cornwall (CC& L Roofing), M. Bayo (Grupo del Carmen), A. Bayo (Grupo del Carmen), J. Quindos (Cupa Slate), M. Rodriguez (Pizarras Gallegas), S. Taran (Taran Bros Slate), A. Bayo (Hebra Slate), J. Mahon (Mahan Roofing), J. Hill (Greenstone Slate), J. Mahon (Mahan Roofing)

For the last years, be natural® has been dedicated to the sales and promotion of the Spanish Roofing Slates in the USA. From coast to coast, the demand is increasing every year.

Saying that, the statistics show that only 2% of the the Spanish Roofing Slates produced are exported to the USA. So we still have a lot to do.

Between the visits to the US and the International Slate Conference in Spain, the Natural Slate products are more and more known accross the country from architects, contratcors and roofers.

We need you to help us to promote what is recognised to be the BEST ROOFING PRODUCT IN THE WORLD.

So to all the "Slate Lovers", thank you for your time and effort in promoting our product. Together we will have more and more Green Roofs around us and so a better environment for our families.

be Green, be Slate and be natural®


Source: be natural® March 2015