Ardesia Mangini


be naturalĀ® is proud to announce the a new partnership with the well recognised top Italian quality Slate, Ardesia Mangini.

Thanks to our colaboration, Ardesia Mangini is now more than ever, able to offer any sort of Roofing slates from any places to the rest of the world.

From the largest family producers in Spain up to the unique colors of Vermont in the USA or the large formats from Brazil, Ardesia Mangini can respond to any kind of job thanks to all the exclusive supply be naturalĀ® proposes.

Ardesia Mangini is now part of the team and will use our offices in Spain when at any time so either in Spain or in Italy, please feel free to contact us for any question.

All our products have passed the CE test and the ASTM (American laboratories institute) and have been approved as A1 Class with a life guarantee. Our most popular products would be from GALICIA (Spain): 30x20, 40x20, 40x25, 50x25 in Black Slate, our 30x20 in Purple and Green from VERMONT (USA) and our Multicolor and Graphite from Brazil.